Friday, November 28, 2008

Walkin in a Winter Wonderland

Age: 18 weeks
Weight: 50 pounds

This was Piston's first real off leash experience! and what a treat it was! Behind Grampa's place is thousands of State Game Land acres! With a foot of fresh snow on the ground we grabbed the camera and off we went! He really was in his element - full of confidence and ready to explore! His nose was loving all the different animal tracks - deer, turkey, squirrel..maybe even some rabbit! We're really pleased with how well he did staying close by and looking when called! It was the first time we were walking where there was no obvious trail for him to figure out where we were going so he'd have to look to us to see which path we'd take through the woods. If he would get too far ahead, we'd just change thing you knew he was running up behind us. It was a really good experience! Exercise for him and fantastic photos for the wall! :)

Click on any of the photos in the slide show above to be taken to the full web gallery.

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