Sunday, April 26, 2009

Way South of the Border

Age:  Just over 9 Months
Weight:  95 pounds

This spring we took a trip WAY South of the Border...south of the Canadian border that is!  We all packed into the car and drove 14 hours down to South Carolina to visit with family!  Alright, truth be told we didn't do the whole trip in one shot, we drove about 9 hours and then stopped for the night and finished the rest of the trek in the morning.

Initially we weren't so sure how Piston was going to handle such a long trip, but he traveled like a pro! :)  He very quickly recognized the pattern and would curl up and go to sleep as soon as we hit highway speeds!

One challenge we found however was "potty time".  Every pit stop we made...well, our explorer found all the new sights, sounds and smells to explore were just too much of a distraction!  He'd get out there and completely forget to go.  It wasn't until we'd get back into the car and back on the road would he let out a little whine as if to say "Nuts!  I knew I forgot to do something", but then he'd go right back to sleep.  The next pit stop would be no different either.  It was nearly 36 hours after we left our home before our stubborn boy finally took the time to relieve himself!  Proud to say that not once did he consider going indoors despite the activity level coming to a standstill.

As we traveled further south, it definitely got warm for our furry Canadian dog!  The snow had practically just finished melting back home! ;)  At one of the rest stops in North Carolina, there was a great shaded park that we spent some extra time relaxing in.  We found some neat outdoor taps that Piston could drink from!

Then we played in the water a little bit to try to cool Piston off.

Once we finally arrived at our destination, Piston was happy to greet his extended family :)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Can I Come Out?

Age: 39 weeks
Weight: 95 pounds

Before Piston is allowed outside, we ask him to sit and wait patiently until we give him the release word of "okay".

I thought he just looked too cute peeking around the door waiting to be released outside.